Most small samovars

The smallest samovars

A regular samovar holds several liters of water. In the tavern account goes to the tens. Both options are created with a practical purpose – pochaevnichat close or wide range.

There were experiments to create the smallest water heater. As a result, home decor items were born, fun for the staring public, collectible items, art artifacts. We will talk about the most interesting samples.

Small acting samovars

These are real wonders, to the creation of which the master went all his life.

World record

Small samovar

One of these piece works of authorship entered the Guinness Book of Records. Its author was a Soviet mechanic Vasily Vasyurenko, all his life honing his skills at the Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics of the USSR Academy of Sciences. The copy he created shook the imagination - the 3.5 mm high microsamber really warmed a drop of water!

VDNH boils with ideas

In Soviet times, many guests of the VDNKh drove here with one purpose - to visit the pavilion of the Central European Union. The excitement arose after the release of the television report about a little samovar, capable of boiling 1.5 cups of water on real wood. Then this technological miracle visited exhibitions in Montreal and other European cities.

Ultra Small Wonder

Experiments of a different kind appeared in the post-Soviet space. Products could not warm the tea, but they were so small in size that they could be examined with a magnifying glass or microscope.

Museum pride of Tula

Thanks to master Boris Marunyak, the collection of the Tula Samovars Museum was replenished with an unusual specimen. A crusty samovar with a height of 10 mm holds a couple of water droplets. And on the branch of the crane has the signature of the city where it is made - "Tula". It is impossible to read it with an armed eye, therefore tourists are offered a magnifying glass.

From thimble do not want to eat?

Thimble samovar

A masterful nugget, Evgeny Kalinnikov, has become skilled in samovar art so much that he made a copy of a ... thimble! This baby will show you the details typical of a regular samovar. The quencher and the lid, the roaster and the hob are not only available but are also removed, rotated, and contain 4 mg of water. Entirely artifact weighs 16 grams.

Lefty exists!

Lefty's small samovar

All of the above are miniatures, but there are microminiatures. Record holder in this area was Russian Lefty Nikolai Aldunin. He literally shod the flea and let the camel through the eye of a needle. And "for sweet" made a samovar, which is less than a grain of sugar. The master worked in zero and worked only with gold. And each movement made between heartbeats, so as not to shake hands.

Souvenir samovars

Souvenir small samovars

These are already products available to a wider audience. Previous works were copyright, existing in a single copy, while souvenir units are mass-produced, albeit in small batches.

They do not warm the water and do not hit with small size, but it is convenient to consider them, they are exactly the same as all the elements of this large samovar. They decorate the house, collect, give as a gift to children or foreign guests to get acquainted with the symbol of Russian culture.

What souvenir samovars were created in Russia

The most famous are “Yasnaya Polyana”. They appeared in the line of the Tula plant “Stamp” in 1964 and won the hearts of tourists, children and adults. In those years, the gas spent on the kitchens of millions of Russians, ousted samovars. But the love of tradition was, as never before, alive, the demand for souvenirs remained enormous. Moreover, the ratio they were proportional to the person, containing 100 ml of water. In those years, they decorated tens of hundreds of Soviet cuisines.

Small spool yes dear to the heart

Since its creation, a samovar is considered by some as kitchen utensils, while others assign it a key role in table setting. And still others see him as an applied art object, a delight for the eyes. Talented artisans painted them with Gzhel and Khokhloma, inlaid with birds of paradise, gave an unusual shape. The smallest - working or souvenir - models occupy a special place. Today they are priced at the collectors of antiquities, collectors of things of the Soviet era and those who since childhood have kept the memory of small souvenir samovarchiki.

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