/ Terminological dictionary


Wall                    - The basic part of a samovar where water for heating is poured.

Inducing          - The worker making walls and a jug..

Jug                     - Internal pipe in a samovar in which put ugli.

Circle                          - Cast ring on the top part of a wall.

Neck                       - The bottom part of a samovar.

The pallet                     - The basis of a samovar.

Repeek                      - Figured plate, fixed to a wall of a samovar into which the crane runs.

Vetka                       - The handle of various figures for turn the crane.

Dushnichok                 - Aperture on a cover of a samovar for release pair at boiling water in a samovar.

Podshishki                - Nails for an attachment wooden shishek.

Shishki                      - Adaptations for removal of a cover on a samovar.

Malinka                 - Nuts, which are wound on the ends of nails for a fastening shishek with a cover.

Zaglushka                  - Cap for closing a jug.

Ring                  - The adaptation for a teapot.

Samovar a jar       - The cylindrical form.

Samovar duley         - The pear-shaped form.

Samovar a wine-glass      - The cylinder narrowed from below.

Samovar a vase         - Samovars shaped.

Kobilina                  - The tool for kovki walls of the case of a samovar.

Stalls                     - The tool for furnish of parts of a samovar (a jug, a wall).

Gnedki                      - The tool in the form molotochkov for razgranki under the form of samovars.

Forms                      - For разгранки shaped samovars as bruskov with figure.

Soldering irons                - For soldering parts of a samovar (a jug with the case, handles, cranes).

Tihtil                   - To finish.

Davilchik               - The worker doing(making) with pressure of the handle.

The tinman               - The worker covering with tin internal walls of a samovar.

Tray                      - Support under a samovar.

Nipper                       - The tool for are caustic sugar.