/ The second half of the XX century

The second half of the XX century

In 1975, prepared by the gift set for Moscow - 15 pantries electric samovars of 45 liters. At the front of each method of photoetching on the drawings of the artist-designer VF Volgin applied ornament, and then engraving depicts Tula Lesch, savvy aglitskim flea, and four miniature scenes from fairy tales Nikolai Leskov about Lefty, on a tray - the Kremlin and the coat of arms Tula.

Buffet, electrikc pot-shaped samovar &Tula Left Hander". Nickel-plated brass. 1978.

Samovar "Russian Field" is shaped like a Greek vase, but it marked a truly Russian wild flowers - daisies, cornflowers, ears of corn ripened wheat. In the center - medallions "mowers" and "on the land."

Vase-shaped samovar "The Russian field". Nickel-plated brass. 1986.

December 7, 1976, the year the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of conferring the title of the Thule-hero for his courage and resilience shown by his counsel, in the days of heroic defense of the fall of 1941. In honor of this event produced a samovar "Tula - Hero City". Product in the shape of the vase features rich finishes. The ring is engraved the inscription: "Glory to the heroic city Tula," and on the sides - "Tula residents was born, so for the hammer grasped", "Since ancient times, land Tula artists famous."

Samovar "Tula is the Hero City". Nickel-plated brass. 1978.