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Restoration of samovars

We provide professional restoration of samovars since 2003. Our production facilities in Tula employs highly trained craftsmen who perform a wide range of operations: cleaning the samovar from scale and deposits, removal of dents, elimination of leakages, replacement of elements, polishing, mounting fittings and many more.

We guarantee the quality of restoration and repair of samovars. The finished product can be used on purpose - this is our main principle!

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Send a request for the restoration of the samovar

How to order the restoration of the samovar from the professionals

We recommend that you contact us by e-mail. If you are uncomfortable to bring the product in person (for example, when you need to perform the restoration of the samovar in Moscow), you can send the samovar through a transport company. We will assess the cost of the work and will notify it to you. The average repair takes 14 days. Upon completion we will send you pictures of the restored samovar and invite accessories.

What tasks does the service for the restoration of samovars we have

  1. Returns the product value and marketability, a samovar is not ashamed to decorate the interior or to show guests.
  2. The samovar will provide the original performance, that is, it can be used for its intended purpose – to boil water and later tea.
  3. Prevents you from fraud artists, 30% of all samovars that come to us in the work comes after gorispolkoma, artisanal restorers who did shoddy work, we reinvent her for them.

During the restoration we have a fully restored outer and inner surface of the samovar, produced by the straightening of the body. The outside cleaned and polished with the preservation of medals and of impressions from the inside also clean from scale, sludge and running food tinning.

  • Almost always have to replace some exterior parts samovar: wooden pen, a twig crane, accessories, cap. We carry a selection of the missing parts of the samovar, which exactly fit the size and style of the reconstructed samovar.
  • Sometimes it is necessary to repair the "lame" samovar, bent legs.
  • Dents on the body of the samovar it is possible to rectify, but if the body eaten up by corrosion so that it formed numerous holes, the restoration he, unfortunately, will not be.
  • We can solder the holes on the body of the samovar, if they are small.

Requires restoration of a samovar? E-mail us and we'll show you how it is most convenient to arrange for its delivery for repair.

We work efficiently and responsibly, please call or email, we will help to revive your samovar to life!