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The biggest samovars

The biggest samovars

How to stir up interest in their products, like water in a samovar? This question has been confronting private plants since the 19th century. One should not think that PR arose in the past century - its rudiments appeared already then - along with huge samovars. True, they were not created to write about them in the newspapers.

So for what?

Spring on the world is red samovar

Initially, large water heaters were supplied for folk festivals, especially winter ones. They were set up in the middle of the squares, where Shrovetide parties went and boiled dozens or even hundreds of liters of water in them. Encouraged by fun people could drink tea ad libitum.

Sometimes they were bought by large merchants for taverns and taverns - they were used for catering. The factory stamp on the samovar and in the first and in the second cases was an advertisement - people remembered the samovar giants and those who created them.

Samovar as part of political PR

Tea-drinking was a delight for the soul - a time when people could quietly laze around, take a break from hard work. Therefore, the samovar became the key to the soul of every Russian, regardless of his class and wealth. It was a universal gift in any situation.

In 1922, the masters from Tula, wanting to please the communist and revolutionary Mikhail Kalinin, made a giant especially for him, heating a quarter ton of water at a time. The politician did not pass the wonder to the museum, but presented it to Krasnopresnensky laborers. He got on the days of national holidays. At the same time, he served tea to half a thousand people who recalled Kalinin and Tula masters with a kind word.

The Age of Gigantism

Paradoxically, the most huge samovars appeared not in that era when everyone used them, but in our time. The reason is simple - new technologies have appeared, for which volumes are not a hindrance.

What are the largest samovars?

1st place in the ranking - the museum giant from Tula (450 liters)

Big samovar from Tula

Of course, the world record holder was made in the cradle city of the samovar art of Russia. It was created in 1995 at the plant "Stamp". It reaches a height of 2 meters and looks impressive. True, it is impossible to heat water in it - a souvenir product and is stored in the Tula Museum of samovars. By weight, the design is half a ton, in a volume of 450 liters. Even the closest Irbit competitor could not beat him.

2nd place in the ranking - wonder from Irbit (415 liters)

Large samovar from Irbit

It was created not so long ago - in 2010 in one of the oldest towns of the Urals. It became a local landmark, forming a new urban tradition. In the days of major celebrations, the 500-pound handsome man is brought on a three-wheeled motorcycle (Irbit - “the motorcycle capital of Russia”). He is greeted together by the roar of the crowd - the tea party begins. He can drink 2,000 people at a time with a mug of tea.

The rest of the time the giant spends in a private museum. He is part of the samovar collection of Mikhail Smerdov, which he presented to the city in honor of the 380th anniversary.

3rd place in the ranking - Kharkov "railroad" (350 liters)

The big samovar from Kharkov

It was created by the hands of 40 Zaporizhzhya artisans for 3 months - for the holiday in honor of the Great Tea Road. On the titanic work of artisans inspired a desire to circumvent the Tula fellow giant. The result of their work was slightly lower in size - 175 cm versus 200 in height and 350 liters versus 450 in volume.

But Zaporizhzhya Cossacks have their own trump card - their working samovar. It is installed at the Kharkiv railway station and is able to drink 10,000 people passing per day. There are other reasons for pride: it works on coal and electricity, its lower part is used as a roaster for cooking. And the whole structure is collapsible. A very worthy competitor!

What samovar is best drunk

Of course, the bigger the company, the tastier the tea. But truly emotional conversation is possible only in a circle of loved ones. The largest family samovars in our store:

• 9-liter replica "Festival watermelon"

• 8-liter antique "Wineglass"

• 7-liter flame models made of “Bank” and “Glass” brass.

Choose with the soul, not by volume!

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