We will tell about many noble people. About how the Tula people fought with Devlet-Girey and Napoleon, with the White Guards, with the Nazis in the last war. About how our fellow countrymen fought in revolutionary battles: from the Decembrists to the Bolsheviks. Well, and, of course, about the weapons business.

Do not list all the names, events, which reflected the glory of Tula. The album pages will tell you more. And guides in it will be Tula, living today. Their names are known. In their affairs - the glory of Tula.


From time immemorial, FROM vyatichi glorious tribe who settled in the basin of the upper and middle Oka, originates HISTORY IN THE CITY PAGES THAT YOU HOLD honorary citizen of Tula, doctor of historical sciences, professor of the Tula State Pedagogical Institute named after Leo Tolstoy  

Of the 84 years of my life, 81 I happened to live in Tula. Today I'm proud to say this. How can one not be proud of a Russian man with his blood relationship with primordially Russian places, whose fate reflects the fate of the Motherland in all its complexity and diversity.
I love Tula's history - especially. The study of her became the main thing of my life. My Ph.D. and Doctor's dissertations, monographs, books, articles, many years of daily work at the Pedagogical Institute, my free time, plans for the future are in many respects connected with it. History is a fascinating thing: the more you know, the more questions arise, the more you want to know, find, tell.
The history of Tula and its environs is not a white leaf. It was made by its authoritative marks and nameless chroniclers, and well-known historians, writers of different times, and ordinary citizens, who left us notes about certain events.
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