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Catherine , Sochi 13.03.2010

Great website, you can find a lot of useful and beautiful things. For the time that I'm here, I learnt lots of new(especially liked the drink recipes), something much easier to work with. I want to thank the creators of the site for the great work. The idea is brilliant, implementation is great. For me, this site one big advantage: it helps to choose a useful product - saves money and time, accumulates a lot of important and necessary tips

Angela , Moscow, Russia 20.06.2009

the class is a beautiful samovar. how now can make our family tea ceremony. once my parents had a samovar (though not so elegant), made the order, good delivery excellent.

Dmitry , Moscow 29.07.2008

Hello! By visiting this site I have completely changed my view about the samovar had only seen my grandmother a samovar and so always and provided, on the website I found many different samovars! And very pleasing to the eye design of the site, as many sites are doing posredstvom copy of the design, the same website shows that it is unique! And yet, compared prices with two sites of similar themes and saw that the price here for a lot less!

Peter , Vancouver 06.03.2008

I would suggest to add a description of predmeta as when looking immediately in the catalog to view more information about it but in General the website is simple and easy requires no modification and shopping cart is also convenient

The answer of the representative of the store:

Thanks for the suggestion, added!

Michael , Nizhniy-Novgorod 24.01.2008

The site is good, samovars is beautiful! Love the samovar, my grandmother in the village was right across the street from grandparents to boot. Sorry, not had tea to drink - no one knew how to use it. Now got her samovar 3 liter! Even the tea seems to taste better from a samovar. Thanks to the administration for such a wonderful website and the prices are low.

Vasilisa , Moscow 03.08.2007

The site is very warm, it transmits a lot of positivity and think of days gone by! I think that buyers enough, and they are all satisfied, it is possible to understand the beauty of the site, what relation to the website is and to the buyer! Soon have a couple of beautiful samovars! you the best site in your grown thank you very much!

Victor , Moscow 22.05.2007

Always liked the picture Perov, "Tea drinking in Mytishchi",and just finished building a gazebo near the house,he decided to try what it is actually,just came across the site of Tula-samovar,interested,got to the store,bought combo 2 in 1, brought home, and finally the entire family proceeded to the tea party, just a sense of comfort, of peace, of relaxation, escape from everyday worries and the anticipation of something good that will surely come. In General, the purchase I and the family are very happy to heat with wood have not yet tried, but will do it after the bath. All the same, no wonder our ancestors gave tea traditions is of great importance and great painters do not just reflect these scenes in their works...

Vadik , Moscow 14.12.2006

Very original and well thought out catalogue, prices are normal, bought as a gift for the new year naborchik with a samovar in beautiful colors. Well, a very convenient website!

Engineer , Ulan-Ude 03.10.2006

Spectacular site, great design. Bright colorful design, which is favorable to the warmth and comfort, and I want to buy not one but several samovars. Excellent image quality after restoration and before.

Maria , Yekaterinburg 28.04.2006

For making really good drink should be not only wise in this matter the man but also the corresponding samovar :) you can also set the samovar on any color and taste, from the expensive to the richly decorated samovars easier and cheaper - and they are all good quality, proven by personal experience! I am glad also the possibility of using a samovar, like at home from the mains and outdoors using firewood. I ordered the combination hotpot delights us every time!

Dmitry , Moscow 15.02.2006

Great website, great and interesting choice, from some instances I absolutely love it, got your eye on one, but now need a custom for a gift. I wonder how fast production and delivery?

Philip , Tula 18.08.2005

Had no idea that such beautiful samovars we still do. Thanks for the website! Have bookmarked and will very soon make an order. Want to buy does NOT necessarily electric,tea with the "smoke" is a completely unique sensation and flavor. ) Website woke all the memories of childhood-tea from the steaming samovar on the terrace,in the family circle,bagels for tea... tea from the saucer..)) Thanks again for Your work.

Satisfied customer , Saint-Petersburg 04.07.2005

I want to Express my gratitude to the staff of the site, a couple of days I have bought the samovar itself to the country (that is: Volume: 7 l ID number: 4071724), so that You such grace, just words are not enough to Express my gratitude. + I liked the website, all decorated well and understandable In the common guys who have not bought a samovar, the time since it's winter and bask than is necessary, especially if you go out of town for the weekend for example. Thanks to the organizers for a great mood. Good luck to all.

The Visitor , Moscow 01.05.2005

The site is very beautiful and warm, it conveys my emotions and remember the old days! I think that a lot of buyers, and they are all satisfied, it is possible to understand website design, what does the website is and to the buyer! Soon will order You one samovar! Thank You for what You have!

Vladimir 08.07.2003

Great website and shop!

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